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 UHC XI BreakDown

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PostSubject: UHC XI BreakDown Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:46 pm

Solo UHC this time
People participating:

  1. Cluedoe
  2. Mr_Meowys
  3. MrsMeowys
  4. KiLlerWiLd
  5. damc1
  6. KingHeenry (killer's friend)
  7. Multicalibrador
  8. Synph99
  9. Infamour_snipr21
  10. Mefiles
  11. Username720

This didn't last long for me this time, I got some seeds, feeded one pair of chickens, hided them. Then went underground to wait until day and kingheenry digged towards me and killed me.
That's it my UHC  blank 
Also, everyone was too near of each other in a huge savanna biome!
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PostSubject: Re: UHC XI BreakDown Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:22 pm

Yeah, it was too small.

For me I had a nice start. I went underground and got some iron and coal and went back up to the surface to get some wood. I looked around the large open area I was in and saw no one, so I chopped a tree down and Cluedoe kills me. Honestly, I hate how this always happens to me. I look someplace and no one is there so I look away and as soon as I do that someone comes that way and kills me  Sad 
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UHC XI BreakDown

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